Accrington Aerials . . . Summer Pending

Accrington Aerials . . . Summer Pending

Accrington Aerials . . . Summer Pending, we hope that you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine. The Accrington Aerials Team are working back to back to ensure all of your appointments are seen to as scheduled. Speaking of team, I think its time we introduced our newest team member.

Everybody Meet Ian

Ian joined us a couple of months ago. With an electrical background hes a great asset to the team. Ian is a family man with a partner and 3 children. Family people are our kinda people.

(Ian had been in a loft when I demanded a photo)

Dylan and Damian

Lets give you a refresher on the team, so Dylan is our 2nd eldest of the brood. He’s almost 19, very technical, very quiet. He does a lot of the behind the scenes work, basically the stuff that us oldies can’t do. He’s been with us for a while now, we’re hoping to have him driving around in one of the vans as soon as he passes his driving test.

Damian, if you’ve been lucky enough to have Damian on one of your jobs then i think that you will agree, he needs no introduction. Damian is a laugh a minute, although his photo does not reflect this haha, a people person. Since joining the team he has gone from strength to strength, and he now takes the supervisor role.

Clive is the main man. He’s the one that answers the phone, books you in. Clive mainly does all the important behind the scenes stuff. Book keeping, all the legalities. And if Clive is on the phone then you’ll come through to me, Hols, running the other office at our Accrington base.

Home Life

As parents to 5 boys we have done well to avoid the whole football world . . . until recently.  Last year Louie (12) showed a keen interest in football. After a lot of research, we finally settled on a club for him, which then led to another club. So after all these years of no football, it has finally caught up with us and we find ourselves there 4 days a week. Not to mention the double training on a Thursday as Axll (4) has also joined a club.

Contact Us

Please contact us on 01254 377511 should you need a new TV Aerial, Satellite Dish or a service call to your already existing system. We also offer a TV Wall Mounting Service, using only insurance approved brackets.

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As always, thanks for taking the time to read this blog post

Hols x

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