Coronavirus We Are Open

We Are Open

We are open!
First of all Accrington Aerials  would like to thank all of our customers old and new or keeping us busy through these uncertain times and hope you are all keeping well. We would also like to thank all of our new customers for understanding it takes us a little longer to get to you, than it normally would do. This is due to the extra precautions we have had to take to keep you and our team safe. Many suppliers are closed, we have noticed that the larger national companies have started to increase there prices.
We at Accrington Aerials Ltd have secured plenty of stock at our normal rate, so no price increases from us. We will continue to work in accordance with Government guidelines, and as long as we are classed as key workers.

Lockdown Life

Now there’s a heading i never thought I would be using. How are you coping? Are you coping? Those with children, how are you enjoying your new career change – home schooler?



Its all fun and games at the Barnes residence, as you probably would have heard if you’ve been in contact with us. We are running the office from home with the help (said through gritted teeth) of our lovely boys.


Axll Turns 3

Our smallest of the clan turned 3 this month.


It wasn’t quite the celebration that we had planned, but he had a fabulous day regardless. He loves balloons so we went OTT.


He was more than happy not to have to share his cake, so that was a bonus for him. We had well wishers over the fence wishing him a Happy Birthday. It’s so awkward seeing the ones you love during this time. And not being able to get close.


Its Not All Bad

As a working family, I always complain that we don’t spend enough time with the boys, have time to decorate or sort the garden. So i’m keeping busy in between taking calls and work stuff to those said things done. The boys bedroom got decorated within the first week.


Garden is sorted, but the biggest regret has to be . . . Starting to paint the kids park, oh man. It is torture, don’t get me wrong it’s going to look fab BUT . . . Oh anyone else borderline alcoholic or is it just this household.


Contact us

Once again, a massive Thank You for your valued support and custom, from your local, trusted family run business.
Don’t hesitate to call Accrington Aerials on 01254 377511 for any problematic TV services. Keep up to date on our Facebook page.

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