In The Office With Hollie

Nice To Meet You

The lady behind the posts and one of the newest members of staff at Accrington Aerials is me . . . Hollie.

I started working for Accrington Aerials in January 2019 after being a dedicated mother to the four boys. With no previous experience of office work this is a whole new world. And a role that I am thoroughly enjoying.



Why start now

Jumping back on to the work scene after being a stay at home mum is somewhat daunting. Especially when it’s a role you’ve never done before. And your partner is going to be your boss. It’s not a decision I made lightly as my relationship with Clive is first and foremost the most important thing. I didn’t want to hinder that in any way. It also had to be the right time. Our youngest son Axll, is almost 2. I was ready for the career and I honestly couldn’t see myself working for another company. I have witnessed first-hand how much time and effort has been put into Accrington Aerials.


The First Day

I won’t lie, I was a nervous wreck. It sounds weird I know, being that Clive is my partner. I was just like anybody else on a first day at a new job.

Oh I went all out, I took my office manager role so seriously. New uniform, new shoes. New shoes that made me a broken woman and haven’t been worn again since that first day. Not sure what I was thinking buying heels when I live in Dr Martens. . . lesson learnt, I now have a healthy relationship with my FLAT court shoes.

The day went well as Clive slowly but surely introduced me to my office duties. He may as well have been speaking foreign. The closest thing I’ve had to office duties is taking a snap of Axll and posting it on Instagram. I absolutely questioned what I was doing here and whether id make the cut. But here I still am, in my comfy flat shoes.

All in a day’s work

My morning starts like most, hitting the snooze button at least 12 times.

And then it’s like a military operation to get the boys ready for school, my mum has Axll for us whilst I work, which is a great help and we appreciate that massively, she’ll think she’s famous now because she’s had a mention on the website.

Once the boys are dropped off I head to the office were I firstly sort out the accounts, such as invoices and purchases, reconcile with the bank. Respond to emails, and take the calls. Clive’s big thing for me was the social media side and pushing the advertising. I’m used to advertising prams when I get bored of them, and that’s as far as my skills went until that is, I met Sean from North Web Design.

Post Post Post Post

So my first meeting with Sean, again was a scary moment, I deal with mainly 2 year olds not actual real life professional adults. I think my first words to him were “hi I’m Hollie, I’m clueless”. I had no computer experience what so ever. The thought of having access to the website and updating it scared the life out of me. But after a lot of time spent with Sean, I can honestly say that this is now my favourite part of the job.

Mum Guilt

The hardest part of this transition into being a working mum is the mum guilt. It’s hard, especially when I’m used to spending each hour of the day with them. Slowly but surely we have all adjusted quite well. I really do love being a working mum, I like knowing that i am contributing towards the business that has supported our family.


So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me and my journey back to work.

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