The New Normal

The New Normal

So its September already, hope you’re all settling well into the new normal. Here at Accrington Aerials we have been working through out the pandemic,so we are already used to the new normal.

You lovely lot have kept us busy, continuously since March, and we can’t thank you enough for your valued custom.


New Accrington Office

So we have a new location for the Accrington Office. Located in the town centre. This means we can offer the same face to face customer service as we do in Clitheroe. Also gives you the piece of mind knowing that we aren’t just a man in a van, that you won’t hear from again once they have your hard earned cash!!

New banner to go up the building soon. Forever and always advertising the fact that we have not ‘re branded’ ourselves, we have simply branched out. Having a CCTV showroom in Clitheroe called Accrington Aerials just wouldn’t make sense. As a company it has worked amazingly well for us keeping the two aspects separate. And long may it continue.

Accrington Aerials

Family News

I will always to continue to share our family news as we are a family run business. Firstly we celebrated Dylan’s 18th last week. Dylan has been working with us for quite some time now. He is absolutely smashing it, and is a great asset to the company.


And then this happened. Our little Louie started secondary school. Epic fail on the uniform front , as little miss organised here. As always, left it until the last minute to go uniform shopping . . . Imagine going to buy your child’s first secondary school uniform, to find it out of stock, 2 days before he is due to go back. Happy to report that I turned it around and he now owns a full uniform. And i think you will agree that he looks very dapper.


Contact Us

As always a huge thank you for reading the latest news. For your custom and support through these pretty awful times. Contact us on 01254 377511, or on our Facebook page, for any queries regarding TV aerials, Satellite Systems or TV Wall Mounting.

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