A Rare Night Off In Manchester

A Rare Night Off In Manchester

I feel like a s a mum of 4 this is breaking news. At the weekend Clive and I had a rare night off in Manchester . . . absolutely child FREE!!! I love them dearly, but , it was so nice to spend some time alone as just Hollie and Clive. We had plans prior but something got in the way. The children were already sorted. Shared amongst my amazing family. So rather than waste the night, we decided to book a hotel in Manchester.

Manchester Here We Come

Clive spent the day in the Clitheroe Security showroom, whilst I shipped the boys and their worldly goods around Accrington ready for their sleepovers. By the time the car was packed it looked as though they were staying for a month. Not a single night. I swear I’ve spent 2020 packing and unpacking clothes. Boys dropped off, cases packed for us and off we popped to Manchester to stay in the Ainscow Hotel. I definitely was not happy to be child free . . . Honest!


The Ainscow Hotel

Its not the first time we have stopped here, and it certainly won’t be the last. We came across the gem whilst doing work for them. One of the perks of the jobs is finding places like this. The location is absolutely ideal and the rooms are beautiful. Not forgetting to mention the delicious breakfast. Wow. The staff are on the ball 24/7. Its just the perfect place to stay. Here is the link for more Information. I highly recommend the Ainscow Hotel should you be looking for a place to stay in the City Centre.


What We Got Up To

When we decided to book the room. In my head I had a big night planned. We rarely have “us” time. I basically wanted to head to the Northern Quarter and get absolutely sozzled. That definitely didn’t happen. We relaxed, and relaxed some more. Had a little drink in the hotel bar and decided it was time we got sorted to go out. We headed out for somewhere to eat. Ending up at Ask Italian. Cute little venue, fantastic value for money and great food. We highly recommend the dessert menu. And that ladies and gentle is as far as we got. We are still tired after adjusting from getting back from Australia. By the time we had eaten I was ready for a Nana Nap. And it was absolutely freezing. When packing for our big night out I didn’t think about keeping warm.




Sunday Funday

If nothing else we got a really good sleep. A nice little lie in of 7am. Yup that’s a lie in to us at the moment. We scurried off for breakfast with our mouths watering, already knowing how delicious the breakfasts are. With full tums we went off to the Trafford Centre, I needed blue shampoo for my new blue hair and wellies for Arlo. Neither of which we got. We did get a good lunch though. You seeing the pattern of food here, because i certainly am. Sundays are no good for people that get up early. You basically waste your morning waiting for things to open. We sat in the car watching people leave their cars and wait in the rain, for the Trafford Centre to open. Bonkers.

Back To Mum And Dad

After an afternoon of aimlessly and soul distressingly strolling around the Trafford Centre we headed back for the boys. Normality resumed quickly, as did the hefty washing piles. It was great to spend some time with Clive, on our own. We manged to keep work talk to a minimum.  Its hard not to talk about work when you work together, and have such an appreciation for what the business provides to our family. I do like writing about what we get up to and you getting to know who we are. Its important to me that our customers understand we are just a normal-ish family. Doing our best to provide for our boys.

Thank you

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts. If you need a new TV aerial or satellite dish Accrington Aerials are your people. We also professionally mount TV’s. Should you need any CCTV information or quotes then head over to our other Website Clitheroe Security Systems. Pop into our showroom at 14 Wellgate Clitheroe BB7 2DP or call us on 01254 377511.

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