Long Time No Post

Long Time No Post

Long time no post for Accrington Aerials,  why? Because we have been extremely focused on building up our internet presence for Clitheroe Security Systems.

Accrington Aerials is quite well established after the all the hard work Clive has put in through the years. We have a fantastic customer base, and word of mouth has worked wonders for us since opening up the showroom. Now we have a shop frontage we find many people walking in and booking through the showroom. Do remember to send your friends and family our way. Should they need a new TV Aerial or Satellite Dish, help with Free view or Freesat. Or if they need a new TV mounting onto a wall. Also don’t forget to leave a review on our Facebook page.

What Have The Barnes Been Up To

So first and foremost lets go through what we have been up to as a family. Its been a busy few months. Running two businesses, raising kids, running a home, and the lead up to Christmas. Its always our busiest time of year. Late November, in fact on the 25th. We decided to spend our Christmas in Australia. We were heading over there to spend time with Terry and Michelle and there 3 children. It gave me a month to prepare. Preparing is something I lack in. I am, without doubt, the most unorganised person ever. For example it was only the weekend before we were due to leave that I realised i hadn’t applied for the visa’s. Oh and I arranged travel insurance on the way to the airport. So yes, its a miracle we got there in the first place. But we did and it was amazing.


So What Occurred In Australia

So if you follow our Clitheroe Security website you will know that I have already done a detailed post on the holiday. Click HERE for the link. For now though I will give you a quick run down. Travelling so far we decided that we would go for 3 weeks. We had our loyal engineer Gaz keeping the businesses going over the festive period. We flew with Emirates on Christmas Eve, arriving down under late Christmas night. The boys are great flyers, apart from being travel sick, that i didn’t know about, they smashed it. We arrived in one piece, the youngest 2 hardly clothed as previously discussed, I obviously didn’t organise myself to deal with 2 sick children. Terry, Michelle and the kiddies were there to greet us. And it was magical from that moment really. We had beach days . . .


Had giant milkshakes at my favourite shopping place. The harbour town outlet village. Perfect for any bargain hunter. Clearly had to bribe the kids to come. These milkshakes worked wonders.


We spent a lot of time at Surfers Paradise. It really is one of our favourite places to visit. We would get the tram in Helensvale and it would take us right to the centre. We would lunch. Go shopping . . . again. Head to the beach in the afternoon, when we wouldn’t bake in the sun. We also visited the Q1 Observation Deck, which was spectacular. You could see for miles and miles.


Feeling Dreamy At Dreamworld

Dreamworld was another firm favourite place to visit. Its a theme park, water park, wildlife park. All in one. The kids all behaved really well, for the whole duration of the holiday. Well apart from Axll whom basically would terrorise anybody that dared look at him, good job he is cute. We put Arlo on roller coasters that scared him close to death. Hey. I wanted my moneys worth out of our annual passes. I’m joking, don’t need the parent police to judge me. I just wanted him to learn what his limits were. Bought him some treats for scaring the life out of him so he was on a winner really. Our favourite part Of dreamworld is always getting close to the animals. We had a couple of “incidents” in this area. One were the kangaroos were mating, as the kids were petting them. That was  a conversation killer. And another time, Axll finally met his match. In the shape of a kangaroo. That didn’t appreciate his vigorous petting, so turned around and slapped him back.  Here is a cute non incidental photo of us petting a kangaroo.


Back On English Soil

We arrived back home last week.  And have thrown ourselves right back into working family life. Adjusting to the time difference, took longer than we had hoped. A week on though we are all there. Oh and because we aren’t busy enough, we have thrown potty training into the mix too. Minus a massive turd in the bedroom that Arlo took a photograph of, its going exceptionally well. We have a lot of plans for Accrington Aerials in 2020. We will be sending the lads on several courses to keep up with the forever changing industry. Thus ensuring we keep up our high standard of work. Call us on 01254 377511 for all your TV Aerial and Satellite Service needs. We also professionally mount TVs with high quality brackets. See our Facebook page for a full album of examples. As always thank you for taking the time to catch up with us.

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