Accrington Aerials Goes Retro

Clive’s Birthday

Clive’s birthday occurred at the weekend. Don’t worry we didn’t arrive in fancy dress. Retro was the venue. So because being a mum of 4, working, helping run the family business, maintaining the house, I clearly wasn’t busy enough. So started to arrange a surprise birthday party. Bear in mind, it was 6 days before his birthday.

Why Retro?

During a meeting with our website designer, Sean of North Web Design he recommended we visit Retro. Told us how great the venue, food and more so the owners were. So one sunny Sunday I used taking the baby for a walk as the perfect excuse to check the place out and book us in.


Inviting people without his knowledge was a nightmare. We even had a row about me being on my phone whilst in the Accrington Aerials office. Little did he know what I had in store. Did I throw it back in his face on the day. . . I’m his partner. . . OF COURSE!

Working with your partner is a huge decision to make and its not a decision I made lightly. It had to be when I was ready. And Clive understood that. Years down the line I’m there and doing it as well as juggling the roller coaster of motherhood. All of which I will continue to share through the website.

I invited close friends and family to keep the event small and personal.


The night prior to his birthday he bounced in telling me how busy Retro was and maybe we should book a table for his birthday. I dread to think of my facial expression. I Some how winged it and told him that i’d already booked a table. It was meant to be a surprise. Thankfully we left it at that.


On the morning of his birthday. He kept talking about the meal to Arlo (our 5 year old you’ll all soon know) Arlo says “ooh daddy I cant wait for your birthday cake” he meant the cake id just the day before secretly, in full James bond style dropped off. What are these boys doing to me, another surprise gone. Kids are just fantastic aren’t they. Again I winged it.

The time came to go and i was a nervous wreck. Who had showed up, would there be enough food. Enough balloons. Enough alcohol.

Complete success he was completely blown away. Most amazing partner AND employee award goes to ME!



I cannot put into words how amazing this place is. The food, the space. Run by such lovely people. That were nothing but helpful and welcoming. The food was delicious and the venue it’s self is immaculate.

Why this post?

Because I want to share with you The  importance of recommendations and feedback. If Sean hadn’t had told us about how great retro was. This whole day probably wouldn’t had happened. Its so important to small business like ourselves.

If you have dealt with us then please recommend us to your friends and family. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Especially shared amongst friends and family. Accrington Aerials 01254 377511

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