Catching Up With The Team

Busy Bee’s

Accrington Aerials have been so busy this past couple of weeks. With the added bonus of our children off school, its been pretty hectic. This post is to keep you all up to date what we’ve been up to. At work and at home.

April Fools Us Into One Of Our Busiest Months

April here started with Gareth heading over to Burnley, to install 10 TV aerials that were needed on newly renovated properties. This was the start of the craziness for us, we’ve been non stop with TV aerial installs, and CCTV installations all through April so far. Its been the month for commercial jobs too. Clive has been working non stop.


Don’t Fear The Smear

What better thing to do on your first day off in the school holidays . . .  Than to go and get a smear. I didn’t realise I had booked it whilst the boys were off school, so I sat pondering whether I should go or not. Lets face it, taking 3 little boys with you, for a smear is hardly ideal is it!! But we went, and it was fine, they behaved impeccably. Which left me questioning my doubts on cancelling because I had the children. The procedure took less than 10 minutes, 10 minutes that could potentially save my life. Is there ever an inconvenient time to have a smear. Absolutely not. If this post reaches out to just 1 person and they book themselves in for a smear, then I will be a very happy Hollie!!!


School Holidays Mean Play Centre Hell

We are a family run business. So it is like a military operation keeping the youngest boys entertained on my days off, that with the added parent guilt because, we still have to go to work. Its stressful, and demanding on Clive and I.  We are human, behind them business posts there is a little family trying to balance life, Accrington Aerials Ltd is the 5th child. Play centres with Axll is a nightmare, you see . . . hes quite feral, he likes a good fight, doesn’t care how big you are, within 10 minutes of arriving he already had two victims, hes not even 2 yet! We soldiered on though and they all had a fabulous time at Rascals, the food was amazing too . .  and so was the much needed coffee.


Back At The Office

Whilst all this craziness has been going on. We have also been planning on something BIG for the business. Its super exciting. We cant wait to share with you what is happening. So keep them eyes peeled for the big reveal.

Call Accrington Aerials Ltd on 01254 377511, and give our Facebook page a like to keep you up to date on the big reveal.


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