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Hi From Bali

Hi everybody. . . Sorry for the quietness. We have been away on a family holiday in Bali. We met up with relatives that live in Australia and had a fabulous time. Here is a quick rundown of what we have been up to.


The Flight There

So the flight. . . With 3 children. One of them being a boisterous toddler. Every parents nightmare. I was dreading it. Check in went smoothly, boarding was a breeze and then!!!!! DELAY! Whilst we were sat on the plane we had to wait what felt like 2 days but was really just short of 2 hours. Bear in mind that we had a connection flight at Singapore just 90 minutes after landing. So of course we missed that. Im happy to report though that all 3 boys behaved impeccably and we avoided any toddler tantrums. We arrived in one piece, just a few hours late.


The Hotel

We stayed at the Bali Dynasty Resort. First impressions were. . . What a beautiful place. Amazing facilities for both children and adults. Our room was a fantastic size and located perfectly at the front which was ideal for the evening as we didn’t have to walk past the pool each time tempting the boys to jump in. The staff were so attentive, Axll particularly enjoyed the manicure treatments. The location was perfect. I cannot reccomend the hotel enough.


The Elephant Experience

One of the first excursions we did whilst there was at Bali Zoo. Louie and I, got to feed, and bathe an elephant named Molly. What an experience that was.


At first I was quietly nervous, but composed myself for Louie and the other children taking part. Not that you can tell at all. . .


The first task was to feed her. We learnt so much about the elephants. They are absolutely doted on by Bali Zoo. The relationship between the elephant and keeper is something quite magical. After feeding, we got into, what can only be described as a mud pool. We smothered ourselves in mud and then covered Molly in mud too. She was a dream. It was such a surreal experience. Following that we scrubbed her down and cleaned her up. What an amazing day this was.


Holiday Fun

Bali has been one of my favourite holidays. There is so much to see and do. Arlo, our 5 year old, loved the water park. There was a fabulous childrens area. It was immaculate. With heaps of life guards dotted around.


Keeping It Real

As much as we loved the commercial areas of Bali. We also jumped at the chance to book a local driver. He took us to some absolutely stunning places. First up was a little coffee farm in the middle of nowhere. Another learning experience for the boys. We learnt first hand how the most expensive coffee in the world “Kopi Luwak” was made.


Rice Fields

Following on from the coffee farm we were taken to the stunning rice fields of Bali. The only world to describe this is WOW! What a beautiful sight.


I can’t say my knees enjoyed the hike down and back up again carrying a hefty toddler, but we made it. . . Just! If you look closely you’ll see Axll and I making our way down.


Monkey Forest

Now then. Monkey Forest. Exactly what it says. A forest full of monkeys.


Axll was pram bound for this as I half expected him to run off with a group. In all honesty this wasn’t an ideal experience for me. In fact I was a wreck. They look so innocent don’t they. Until they show their fangs and chase you. I was not expecting that as soon as we walked in. We braved it though, the kids loved it. Although I had a twitchy bum the whole time, I’m glad we did it. Clive got up close with one. You can really see the resemblance.


Life’s A Beach

I could go on and on and on about this holiday because it really was amazing. We had a wonderful time with our family. Kuta beach was beautiful. Especially on an evening.


We managed to squeeze in a beach day, in between all the madness above. The children absolutely loved it. Axll was only a baby the last time he was on holiday so it was a whole new thing for him.


Bali you were amazing. We’re back home now and have thrown ourselves right back into Accrington Aerials. We have a very exciting day tomorrow, that I’ll be sure to share with you all at some point.

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