New Beginnings In Clitheroe

I Got The Key, I Got The Secret

Hi all, as some of you are aware, not long after our return from Bali, we got the keys to our new base in Clitheroe.

It is more than just an office though, as you are about to find out.


Showroom . . .ing Off

So the property which we were beyond lucky to get, is a 2 storey shop front. On a busy main street, in the town centre. Upstairs will be the office area. Where I will sit and inform you lovely lot of our latest news. I will obviously be tweaking it. Making it look pretty. The office is up and running from here now so do be sure to call us on 01200 760603.


Now then, downstairs. Clive has wanted to do this for some time now. We will be opening a CCTV showroom. Here is the shop when we first got the keys.


Our customers will be able to come into the shop and be shown what professionally fitted camera systems are like when fitted properly, with the right equipment and a whole lot of knowledge. We will have a few different displays on at different price brackets, different cameras, different angles, we will show you what your system could be capable of. We will also show you what NOT to have installed on your house. The systems are displayed on different building materials to demonstrate what they will look like on your properties.


Blood, Sweat and Fractured Feet

All the Accrington Aerials team have worked so so hard to make this happen. Clive managed to fracture his foot in 7 places on the morning that we got the keys. Don’t think that this hindered his efforts at all.


We are so close to getting finished. I cant wait to give you all the opening date. A massive thank you to all the companies we have been working with to get the shop finished. Please be sure to share our Facebook page.

I shall end this post by wishing all of our customers a happy “Eid Mubarak”

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