Open For Business

Open For Business

Hi all, we are still open for business, hope you’re all doing smashing during another week of lock-down. Anyone else craving normality. So grateful that you lovely lot have been keeping us busy during this pandemic. Although we have had to work differently. Its been the only bit of normality. So from the team here at Accrington Aerials . . . Thank you.

Showroom News

As many of you know, we decided to open up a CCTV showroom in Clitheroe last year. This month we celebrate our first year there. It has flown, and benefited the business so much more than we could have ever anticipated. Clitheroe Security Systems has had a fantastic start. With lots of walk in custom. Being able to see the system you’re quoted for is a real hit with our customers.

Clitheroe Security Systems

Whilst the foot flow in Clitheroe is slower than normal due to corona virus, Clive has been updating the systems. It is open, on an appointment only basis at the moment. Also do remember that if your aerial is down and its a quick fix you can do yourself, we have a shop floor full of all the bits you may need such as bracketery, cabling, ends, HDMIs, wall brackets and much more.


Meanwhile Back At Home

So . . . whilst Clive has been busy in the showroom, I keep things going from the dining room table. Just like the old days when we first opened. And I also have 3 little boys as company. Its not easy. Its a pain in the bum. They are quite happy to sit upstairs on their Xbox’s. Which again isn’t ideal, but gives me time to write you a little update. Home schooling is an absolute flop. So if you’re reading this and feeling really bad about lack of home schooling in your household, you are not alone. In fact the more people I talk to, the more I realise a lot are struggling. I’m Kind of in the mind frame of, I am just going to let them enjoy the time off. I don’t particular want them to have any awful memories about 2020. Its strange enough for them as it is. So just be happy with your kids at home. Don’t pressure yourself too much. We visited my Grandad yesterday, which was a nice change, obviously keeping at a safe distance.


Ta-Ra For Now

I love keeping our updates personal, and as we don’t really do much at the moment I am struggling with content. I could bore you with the ins and outs of potty training. But I won’t. So for the time being I will keep them short and sweet. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates, call us on 01254 377511 should you need help with your TV System.

As always thanks for reading.

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