Super September

Working Back to Back

September is proving to be another busy month for the team here at Accrington Aerials. The days are filling fast with both commercial and domestic installations, up and down the country. This is something we are obviously thrilled about. Here is the week so far, its been full of CCTV, aerials, toddlers and new baby twins.


The week started with a 2 camera CCTV system installation over in Leyland. Gaz and Adi attended this. Both cameras are from  Hikvision.


After a discussion with Gaz the customers decided to go for  our 8MP, 4K Darkfighter turret cameras. As you can see from the picture, the quality of the footage is fantastic.


Once the CCTV was completed they then went on to Accrington to complete a couple of aerial installations. The one pictured below required an outdoor 4G filter.



We had 2 vans on the road on Tuesday. We had Clive and Stevie in 1 van attending a commercial job in Manchester. And Gaz and Adi in another van staying more local. This morning was filled with a couple of simple aerial installations, such as the one installed in a loft pictured below. I personally just thought you just stuck an aerial on a roof before I started working here. I learnt very quickly that it is a lot more technical than that.


The day finished with a trickier commercial job in Hindley. Each day varies so so much.

Mummys Little Helper

Now I don’t usually work on a Tuesday but because all 4 engineers were on the road I went in to take all of your lovely phone calls and enquiries. Axll usually attends nursery but because its generally my day, he had a work experience day instead.


Our first job of the day was to pick up some more uniform for our ever growing team. All of our uniform pieces are created by Uniform Specialists whom are located in Blackburn.


We then headed to the showroom, fully equipped with new toys, plenty of snacks and of course paw patrol on the tablet. I was dreading bringing him. Apart from leaving a trail of destruction behind his little self he really enjoyed it.



My day off whoop whoop!!

My day started with a meeting with the t’internet fella, aka Sean the web designer. We are finalising the Clitheroe Security website, which we can’t wait to get active. We will be having a testimonial section so if you have had any CCTV systems installed on your property from us, then we would appreciate a little review of our service. Following that i went to see the smallest humans i have ever met. My lovely friend and her family have just welcomed twin girls into the family so i went to visit and have a cuddle. Meet Etta and Elizabeth.


Meanwhile, whilst I was busy cooing over these gorgeous bundles, the rest of the team were hard at work. Gaz was pricing up a TV wall mounting job, whilst Clive and Stevie were busy assessing commercial works to be done up and down the North West.


A 4 camera CCTV system was booked in to be installed first thing in the morning, over in Oswaldtwistle. After calling into the showroom in Clitheroe, and having a full demonstration from Clive. The customer decided to go for the Hikvision 8MP, 4K camera system.  The team did an amazing job of hiding the cables.


And just like that its Friday. We have one van on site in Liverpool and another staying local. First job this morning for Gaz was the Tv wall mount previously mentioned above and  a new TV aerial to one singular point. He’s now attending a CCTV service call.

That pretty much sums up our 4 and a bit days. its busy, and hectic with a great combination of all the services that we offer. Remember to call us on 01200 760603. Also if you have received a service from us, please do leave us a review on our Facebook page.

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